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If you are here is because you are looking for a profitable strategy maybe based on the London open right? Nice, i have one for you based on the London session stop hunt, yes you heard right, we are talking about the stop hunts that happens during the hour before the london open.

I don’t like when people begin their blog posts with their life history or whatever… We are here to trade forex and to find profitable strategies right?

Well today i’m finally sharing something i have been trading for a while now, i will try to be as clear as possible but i’m not a native english speaker nor writer so forgive me for any spelling error or if i simply write like shit

Anyway, straight to the point, the strategy evolves on the 7:00 and 8:00 (1H chart) candles (London UTC time!)
We are going to look for a kind of stop hunt of the 7:00 candle, i’m going to show you a few images that will explain the concept better.

As you can see the 8:00 candle breaks the low or the high of the previus candle to then retrace and close on the opposite side, this brings us to a main concept of the strategy, for this to work we need the two candle to be the opposite color, so if the 7:00 candle is bearish we want the 8:00 candle to be bullish and viceversa.

So for a bullish signal we want the 7:00 candle to be bearish and the 8:00 candle to break the low of the 7:00 candle with his wick.

For a bearish signal we want the 7:00 candle to be bullish and the 8:00 candle to close bearish and his wick needs to break the 7:00 candle high.

That’s it, the pattern is this…

More considerations:

  1. Being this strategy based around the london traders it must be used only on EUR and GBP pairs.
  2. Fridays seems a bad day to trade this.

Take Profit and Stop Loss:
Here comes the though part… There are 2 ways to trade this:

  1. 20 pips TP and 20 Pips SL
  2. 100 Pips TP and 100 Pips SL

BUT especially for the second way of trading it, it’s important to close the trade with a profit or a loss either at the london session close or at 20:00-21:00 (UTC)


Let’s see a few recent examples: (1H Chart)

EUR/USD 6 Dec 2018 (+40 Pips)

EUR/USD 28 Nov 2018 (+100 Pips)

GBP/USD 28 Nov 2017 (+70 Pips)

The youtube video where i explain the strategy in detail is us UP on youtube now.

To follow the strategy and to contribuite with suggestions and improvements follow the discussion on Forex Factory HERE

Here you can find our Forex Economic Calendar

Interactive Charts

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