Silvertalks FX review: SCAM ALERT!

Today I’m looking at a website/service called Silvertalks fx that delves into Forex mentorship, courses, but most importantly trading opportunities. The creators of Silvertalks fx claim that their group is “purely for educational purposes

Formally known as Silvertalks FX the company doesn’t seem to be registered officially anywhere. I can’t find any physical office or location, it seems to be run remotely by two guys…

Silvertalks fx team

In order to rope traders in, the service is both short term and long term trading.


There is no real information on the performance of the Silvertalks fx educators here. Not performance about the signals, they clearly state that they DO NOT provide signals, they simply share setups. But whatever you provide if you ask for money you MUST have a track record to show your clients what you are able to do.

Any professional trader who actually trades the market has a track record so why shouldn’t they share it if you have to pay them for education?

I want more information from the vendor before I am comfortable with their service. Especially if they ask $399 for a “beginner” course.

tradetalks fx course

I didn’t take the course and will never take it but $399 for beginner pieces of information that you can find on youtube?

No thanks…

tradetalks fx course topics

These are the topics of the course. You can literally search every one of those topics on youtube and get FREE education.

This course, charging $399 for beginner information that you can find anywhere for free. Already makes me lose trust on this Silvertalks fx group.

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But let’s go ahead because here gets interesting…Silvertalks fx Trading Results

Trading Results

Honestly, I don’t know how any Forex signal vendor can get away with absolutely no trading statements or proof of success rate.

And i don’t care about screenshots of winning trades, spreadsheets, or anything that is not a VERIFIED track record like a myfxbook. If you keep getting scammed is because you trust people with no track record.

Start asking for a myfxbook and you will see how you will never get scammed anymore.

Sorry Silvertalks fx but this is a BIG NEGATIVE point.

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Customer Feedback

Again, if i have to pay somebody to teach me how to trade or to give me any service related to forex i NEED some sort of reviews of the service like on Trustpilot or FPA. And Silvertalks fx doesn’t have any confirmed review about their service.

Check our Trustpilot reviews:

Silvertalks fx doesn’t even have one screenshot of some customer review. I run a forex service too and i can tell you that if your service is good people flood your personal messages with positive feedback. And of course, a legit business is more than happy to share those feedback with everybody interested in joining the service.

But, Silvertalks fx doesn’t have one screenshot of any sort of feedback in their site, this is another NEGATIVE point.

Here comes the meat…

Here is the juiciest part of this review.

I had a personal experience with the admin of Silvertalks fx.

I was running my usual promotion service on Telegram, where i find and ask people to promote my telegram channel on their telegram.

I’m sure screenshots speak better here:

The blurred parts are the $ amount of the transaction and some personal info…

tradetalks fx screenshot 1

I started with usual business asking if they provide paid advertising, and got a yes as an answer.

tradetalks fx screenshot 2

Here i started to be suspicious because the first alert bell started to ring when he said they have issue with PayPal.

Let me explain you what this means…

Somebody having issue with PayPal either has a non verified account, it’s scared of chargebacks, or simply he received so many chargebacks that PayPal is now holding every fund he receives.

We anyway scheduled to start with the promotion the next working day at the London open :

tradetalks fx screenshot 3

In the end, he decided to give me his PayPal and we agreed on half via Neteller and half via PayPal. But “wise” guy, knowing PayPal holds his funds he asked me to send the money as family and friends.

tradetalks fx screenshot 4

First half was sent, usually i send half first and half once the job is done, but this guy kept saying he wanted all so i gave up and sent him the rest of the money.

tradetalks fx screenshot 5

All the money were sent at 10:30 AM

His “i will be with you shortly” went to 1:30 PM

and ladies and gentlemen his “one minute” lasted until now, now more than 24 hours later…

tradetalks fx screenshot 6

And this is my experience with Silvertalks fx.

If he is able to scam me for a simple promotion, i will let you image what he will do with your $399 for his course and the $49.99 for his monthly “service

My conclusion for Silvertalks fx is to STAY WAY, you are better on Youtube for what they teach. Charging $399 for that basic stuff that you can learn for FREE anywhere else, it’s a fraud!

Silvertalks fx






Client Feedback


Customer Support



  • Clean telegram channel


  • No verified result
  • Shady admins
  • No customer reviews
  • Extremely high price for basic teachings

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