Possible long on silver coming up this week
It’s race day!

Today the F1 resumes finally after a long long long break, so every Formula 1 fan is excited now and i feel generous today so i decided to share with you an email that we sent an hour ago to all the Private Network members…

It’s not just a random boring email don’t worry…

It illustrates a great opportunity that is coming up this week in SILVER.


By the way the historical edge that we mention for Natural Gas  at the beginning of the email was a short from June 16 and still ongoing, you can check how that worked in the chart by yourself 😉

Always remember longevity in Forex trading can only be achieved through trading with good RISK and MONEY MANAGEMENT, so don’t forget to always use money management when opening a position, there is no certainty and there is no easy money, keep it professional and you will be rewared.

We personally use a research driven approach for our trades and we use technical analysis only to time our entries, if you want to learn more on how we work and add an edge to your trading with our daily insights while at the same time following our trades with exact entries and exits, then check out the Private Network.

Enjoy the race if you are an F1 fan too, and if you are not then enjoy your Sunday, see you during the week in the public Telegram channel or even better in the Private one if you decide to join us before the open (the link to join will close right before the market open).