Alright, it’s time to recap the performance of the BeSomebodyFX Private Network inception to date.

Performance, so, let’s begin with mine…

You may not know, we are 2 traders in the Private Network, there is me doing medium term trades and Sean doing longer term trades.

Let’s begin with me:

I’m up around 79% since inception, with an average of 3% a month with a max drawdown of 6%.

The whole Private Network focuses on capital protection first, so first we make sure the account is well protected and safe and then we watch at the profits.

With a 6% drawdown, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

But let’s see some in-depth stats for the account:

Average win of about 160 pips, and average loss of about 130 pips, with total pips gained 6124, in total a win rate of about 51%. It’s nothing special but enough to have consistent stable profits while protecting the capital.

And now let’s see Sean’s data:

As you can see Sean outperformed me so far and he has a much better profit to drawdown ratio.

And not only that, his stats are much better overall:

Average win of about 1150 pips and loss of 263 pips, win rate is ONLY 43%, which is the true representation of the power of risk reward, letting the profits run and cutting losses quickly.

But it’s not everything.

Because in 2020 Sean has brought some focus on stocks because of the many opportunities created by the COVID volatility.

And so here is his performance in stocks as well:

I can just congratulate to him and be proud and happy that he is part of the team.

He truly is a gem and his trading style is fantastic.

Sean shares his reports every sunday, then he shares the details of his pending orders to set when the market opens and that’s it, done for the week.

After that, the trades are not touched during the week, literally, the pending orders are set at the beginning of the week with the various details (stop loss and take profit) and that’s it, he is done for the whole week.

That is what trading is all about in my opinion, the ability to make decent profit without much effort.

The realwork smart, not hard.

I’m different from him, I’m a market junky…

Hence I love to monitor markets day in and day out, and I definitely envy his ability to just set and forget trades for the whole week and actually outperform me.

Anyway, you can check his live up to date performance anytime here on this link:

Sean’s page.

Alright, let’s get back to the Private Network performance.

We have to mention the crypto portfolio as well, and I am proud to say that the portfolio is up about 200% since inception.

There is a pickle here tho, we buy and sell crypto unleveraged on various exchanges, which means I can’t show you any proven track record the same way we did above.

But I like to be transparent and show something real and practical rather than just fancy words. 

Therefore given that we don’t have the stats of the crypto portfolio, since the exchanges can’t be connected to myfxbook, I thought why not share the analysis that contributed the most to the performance of the portfolio:

We like to send email notes like this one above to the Private Network members.

The email notes are sent to explain in every detail our thoughts behind our core trades, and here above you can see the BTC one we sent in August 2020.

Following that we went long BTC at 11k, of course like every trade we take, the entry was shared in real time on the private Telegram channel.

The last performance worth noting:

We have one last thing to share, which in 2020 outperformed both me and Sean combined 😉

It’s the smart money index tool on the

Yes, a small strategy we put together that is semi automated that shows when it’s safe to buy the S&P500 dips after a deep correction…

I don’t want to bore you with all the technicalities so if you want to check how it’s built and the whole performance, here is the link:

To conclude:

We have mentioned everything, this is how the Private Network is doing since inception.

But I want to take a moment to puntualize that the Private Network is MUCH more than just signals.

Because we share all our thought process to come up with a trade, and we share all our exclusive market researches.

Any decent trader can easily outperform us just by following our email notes and insights shared in the private Telegram channel and eventually even get better entries than the ones we share.

And not only that, I’m a very conservative trader so I risk even less than 1% a trade. 

In other words the performance you see in my account is for the performance of a very risk averse trader. And for instance, a more risk tolerant one could easily increase the performance by taking 2% of risk per trade, or 3% and so on.

I hope this kinda makes sense for everybody, the more you risk the higher the reward but the higher the risk as well.

As I was saying the Private Network is much more than just signals but we would be here hours if I wanted to list all the benefits of the Network so I guess I will just leave it to the reviews:



Jay from the BeSomebodyFX Team