3 Correct Steps To Become a Trader From Scratch And Without Experience

How to become a trader is undoubtedly a question that many people are asking themselves nowadays, advertisements that show how to make money on the stock market easily and without the least effort and nagging brokers with phone calls that promise to earn in the stock market by becoming a professional trader in a few hours. Obviously you will know that they are only illusions, but what do you really need to become an independent trader that operates on the financial markets?

The study path to become a trader starting from zero in 3 steps

To become a trader the first thing to do, or rather to study, is called technical analysis.

The technical analysis of financial markets is the subject that studies the graphic trend of a financial instrument and tries to predict future trends.

I used the term “search” deliberately, predicting the price trend and the respective movements on the financial markets is not an exact science but can be considered a probabilistic calculation.

There is not a course of study to become a trader and not even a certified school, it is something that you will have to undertake in an almost completely autonomous way, or at the most read books or take some private course.

But don’t rush, you can start with some books and then start to go deeper into the subject to become a professional trader in all respects.

Now I will list 3 simple steps that can help you in the study path that leads you to become a trader starting from scratch.


Let’s analyze immediately the main steps you can start immediately to enter the stock market and financial markets. I put them in order and they are the essential ones, then it’s up to you to deepen them, to make things easier feel free to join the BeSomebodyFX Network


It is undoubtedly the first step if you want to aim to become a successful trader, technical analysis is a very vast subject and at the beginning, you will find it hard to understand how to get closer to the financial markets and get profits.

Technical analysis, especially at the beginning, will seem like a real mess: numbers, brokers, trading platforms, oscillators, indicators and much more, but on the other hand we both know that easy things hardly lead to serious and constant gains , so don’t give up.

Unfortunately there are no certified schools for aspiring traders so you will have to train yourself with books, private trading courses and lots of practice (initially in demo) on the financial markets.

If you want to shorten the timeframe you can download my free ebook where I explain some of the best technical patterns that you can trade.


Still need a trusted broker with a legit demo account?

Becoming a trader practicing with fake money is not a guarantee of success, but hey you need to get trough that…

Many brokers offer their platforms for trading online for limited periods, the problem is that no one in 15 days will ever be able to gain experience in the financial markets, nor to become an expert trader.

You need something that has no time limits! I also thought about this so you can find above the best three brokers with unlimited demo accounts.

The practice on the financial markets is very important and it is the only step that can really lead you to operate in the markets and to succeed in this profession.


This is the last important step to move from theory to practice with real accounts: finding your operations as a trader and testing it over time, after doing so you can think about starting to trade with real money.

You can also copy the most famous and rich financial traders on the planet, but if their strategy does not fit your needs you will last very little in the world of online trading.

You need to have your own trading strategy that will consist of 4 simple steps:

  • How to enter the market
  • When to get out your profits
  • How much money to risk
  • Where to place the protective stop loss

Obviously, I have simplified the whole thing but the basic concepts are these, to become a trader we need to study, perseverance, and patience. Quick and easy earnings do not exist!


Becoming a trader requires study and discipline, not only of the subject but also of yourself.

Working on financial markets requires passion and perseverance, if you do it only for money you will be doomed to failure.

I understand that it is difficult to resist the temptation to click on those ads where “millionaires” lifestyles are promised with the simple sale of shares or financial instruments carried out on their laptop (perhaps at some beach around the world), but the reality is very different.

To become an expert trader you have to study, there are no shortcuts, if you are reading my blog and following us on telegram you are on your way anyway ?

You can download my ebook for free, you will find the best patterns to focus on and how to trade them.

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